Danske Bank invests in its people to ensure its position as Employer of Choice

04 June 2015

Danske Bank is one of Northern Ireland’s leading retail banks, employing around 1500 staff across its branch network and Head Office.


The Bank has a strong culture of employee engagement and a long standing commitment to community involvement as part of its CR strategy.

What Danske Bank did

Danske Bank recognises the importance of engaging with its staff to promote an environment where healthy, happy employees contribute to the ongoing success of the organisation. The initiatives the Bank introduced were not stand-alone projects but integrated within the wider HR strategy and closely aligned with the company’s brand values and business vision.

In 2014, Danske Bank established an Employee Engagement Committee to support the organisation’s ongoing commitment to making the Bank a better place to work by driving areas of activity that enhance engagement and wellbeing. Focusing on the priority areas identified through its Employee Opinion Survey (EOS), an integrated approach was adopted focusing on the key areas of: Professional and Personal Development; Reward and Recognition; and Employee Wellbeing.

The Bank was keen to live up to its brand values of Expertise, Integrity, Value, Agility and Collaboration and have integrated the underlying principles with the key elements of its HR strategy, including Talent management, Performance management, Employee Relations and Employer branding strategies as well as closely aligning it with the Corporate Responsibility agenda and programmes designed to make efficiencies, improve the daily work of its staff and foster a teamwork culture.

The Committee, which is sponsored by the Bank’s CEO and chaired by the Head of HR, is made up of representatives from Senior Management Teams from across the organisation and Trade Union.

The outcomes and impacts

  • Coverage of Danske Bank in 2014 in Northern Ireland’s print media was 80% positive
  • 93% of staff participated in the Employee Opinion Survey in 2014
  • Over 700 staff attended the Staff Conference with positive feedback received
  • 165 employees participated in ‘£ for lb weight loss challenge’ promoting healthier lifestyles

To find out more, e-mail claire.loftus@danskebank.co.uk

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