Broughgammon Farm invests in renewable energy and sustainability

05 June 2014

Broughgammon Farm is the first purpose-built farm in Northern Ireland which specifically aims to cut growing waste produced from the dairy industry. It specialises in Free Range Rose Veal and Cabrito Meat.

Environmental Improvement_Broughgammon Farm The family-run farm is situated three miles from the rugged North Antrim coastline, nestled between the towns of Ballycastle and Bushmills.

What Broughgammon Farm did

In 2011, Broughgammon Farm noticed that there was no clear route to market for kid goat meat in Northern Ireland, often forcing farmers to record this as a waste product. Recognising this gap in the market, the Farm began working closely with neighbouring dairy farmers to rehouse their bull calves or ‘billy kids’ as meat animals and thus reduce their carbon footprint.
Broughgammon Farm actively promotes the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and invests heavily in renewable energy sources including solar themal heating, an air source heat pump, wind energy windmills, insulation, a wood pellet boiler and a wood stove.
Broughgammon Farm firmly believes in the development of a sustainable food chain in Northern Ireland and is committed to leading by example through various sustainable initiatives. This includes the harvesting of an underutilised food source – seaweed. By drying it themselves using a solar thermal dryer and packaging it straight for the end consumer, Broughgammon Farm has diverted waste to landfill and created a revenue stream.

Awards planters_Environmental Improvement Award 2014The outcomes and impacts

  • Received the Gold Award from NI Water Consumer Council for its water systems
  • £70,000 invested into the main house renewable energy systems
  • £80,000 invested in other renewable energy and sustainability features throughout the extend farm facilities
  • Goat herd has increased from 30 to over 300 and veal calves have quadrupled in numbers within the first year

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