Effective Community Engagement Workshop

Date: 29 March 2017
Event Information
Date: 29 March 2017
Time: 10:00-16:00
Location: The Boardroom, Allstate, 9 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LZ
Price: Members: £55, Non-members: £75

This workshop is designed to help business understand why and how to effectively engage and work with their local communities;  making a real and lasting impact on key social issues that impact their business, their employees and wider society. Allstate will host the workshop and will share its experience of its substantial social responsibility plan. It will feature the Development Brief/Purchase Offer for Allstate NI’s new building at Maysfield #2 and demonstrate how the organisation engaged effectively with Belfast City Council and community representatives.

The workshop is designed to help employees involved in their company’s CR and/or Community engagement work. It will help your business have a greater social impact by developing a strategic approach to working with local communities. In particular, it will cover :

  • How to identify social issues of greatest relevance to your business and most pressing in the communities in which you work
  • How to work in partnership with your communities
  • How to plan and manage your community investment
  • How to inspire and engage your employees, customers and suppliers
  • How to measure your impact

The workshop will feature a live case-study from representatives of Allstate NI. They will share details of the company’s approach to community engagement and show the benefits to the business and to the community. Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear from community representatives about how they have been engaging with business and the level of expectation from the community.

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