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Founded in 1975, SHS Group is a major player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, employing over 700 people throughout the UK and Ireland and turning over £400m per annum. From its Belfast headquarters, the group provides a strong financial base and central resources for its divisions who operate within brand ownership and sales and marketing.

The company owns brands such as WKD, Shloer, Bottlegreen and Merrydown Cider and distributes brands including Colgate, Nivea, Nurofen, Finish, Jordans, Tunnocks and Mars drinks. In addition, the Group is the largest supplier of own-label herbs and spices in Great Britain.

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What Corporate Responsibility means to us

’The development and delivery of our Corporate Responsibility agenda is underway at SHS Group with an aspiration to drive the philosophy into every segment of our business including our people, processes and practices. Focusing on core themes of community, environment, people and health & wellbeing we strive to promote best practice amongst our teams and the communities they operate in, both now and for the future. We seek to minimise the impact within the environments we work in and support the development of strong and sustainable societies through assisting local charities, associations and collaborating with key stakeholders. With a commitment to long-term sustainability we acknowledge that we are on a journey and we will continue to evolve our objectives and actions as we move forward and learn. Corporate Responsibility for the SHS Group is about taking action as a natural part of doing business to help promote stronger and safer communities.’’
Elaine Birchall, Group CEO, SHS Group

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