Circular Economy Hub

This Hub is for Business in the Community Members, Towards Zero Waste signatories, and our Circular Economy Network members.

The Circular Economy is a generic term for an economic system in which growth is decoupled from the use of resources. This is in contrast to the traditional,  or linear, economic system, that has largely been based upon taking raw materials from the earth, using them to make products which are bought and used by consumers, before the product is disposed of at the end of its useful life – with an inherent loss of value.

The Circular Economy is a regenerative economic system in which resources, and the value provided by them, are instead retained within the system; this also protects the environment by reducing demand for extraction of raw materials, as well as reducing the need to dispose of waste products and materials.

The guides provided in the resources section of this Hub will explain this concept in more detail, and suggest some actions for you to integrate this concept into your organisation to capitalise from the economic opportunities which this approach can provide.

The discussion forum is designed to allow for the sharing of new information and ideas between forum members.