Sponsorship Zone

Aligning your brand with Business in the Community is a smart move for companies that want a well-respected platform to communicate their commitment to doing business responsibly.

As the UK’s leading authority on responsible business, we can help you reach customers, peers and competitors with a strong message that says “we’re committed to our people, the planet and the places where we operate”. That’s not just good business, it’s good for business.

Our current and previous sponsors find their investment brings a strong return, not only via positive PR, but by opening up new business channels and improving their reputation as a company with values – one that today’s jobseekers want to work for and other companies want to do business with.

Partnering with us through sponsorship gives you access to a wide range of marketing channels, including:

  • Highly active social media engagement via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Our Good Business e-magazine, with a readership of c1,500 professionals per quarter
  • Our website, with c200k page views annually
  • Targeted direct mail for each event or programme
  • Event attendees – over 3,500 in 2016

We have a range of opportunities for companies interested in partnering with us to gain profile in exchange for financial support. Find out more below.

For any enquiries relating to Business in the Community NI sponsorship, please contact Helen Bowman.


January Good Business e-newsletter

16 January 2017

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