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We support you in creating healthy workplaces with a focus on mental health and obesity.

Our campaign uses the workplace as a setting to support the critical issues leading to ill health in Northern Ireland. These issues are currently mental health and obesity.


Approximately 260,000 working days in the UK are lost each year due to obesity related ill health.

Good health means feeling good and functioning well. Engaging your employees through improved health has proven to deliver business benefits such as decreased absence rates, increased morale and productivity, as well as attracting talent to your business.

12 week logo improved£ for lb 12 Week Challenge

The £ for lb 12 Week Challenge is a work-based weight loss programme that aims to encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle by participating in a twelve week, NHS-based programme. The Challenge is supported by Westfield Health and the Public Health Agency under the umbrella of the “Choose to Live Better” campaign.

The aim of the Challenge is for businesses across Northern Ireland to take part in a friendly competition to have the greatest number of people lose 12 – 24lb each in 12 weeks. In doing so, employees will kick-start lifestyle improvements that will improve long-term health and wellbeing through healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

The 12 weeks start with the first weigh-ins in January, finishing with a celebration event in May. Prizes are awarded to those organisations who keep the most participants engaged and those who have the greatest number of people losing 12 lbs.

2016 facts

  • 1,620 employees took part
  • Participants lost 9,467 lbs (676 stone) – that’s the weight of the average killer whale!
  • Participants lost 1,509 waist inches, which is almost the same height as Victoria Square
  • Raised more than £17, 000 for charity

The overall winning company was Seagate Technology, with employees losing an incredible 2,476 lbs and 407 waist inches collectively.

2016 Challenge Celebration Event

Thanks to everyone that attended our £ for lb Celebration Event at Belfast Harbour on Thursday 19 May.

What is £ for lb about?

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