We support you in creating healthy workplaces with a focus on mental health and obesity.

Our campaign uses the workplace as a setting to support the critical issues leading to ill-health in Northern Ireland. These issues are currently mental health and obesity.

Mental Health

Health is about minds as well as bodies. Investing in your employees’ wellbeing is vital to developing a successful and sustainable business.

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Approximately 260,000 working days in the UK are lost each year due to obesity-related ill-health.

Good health means feeling good and functioning well. Engaging your employees through improved health has proven to deliver business benefits – such as decreased absence rates, increased morale, and increased productivity – and it can also help to attract talent to your business.

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Activity Works

Sustained sitting for more than four hours each day – irrespective of overall physical activity – is linked to a range of harmful effects, such as a reduction in metabolic rate, disrupted blood-sugar levels, and a shutdown of leg muscles.

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