Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey

Since 1998, the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey has assessed the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within the corporate strategies and operations of local organisations.

Our ambition:

The Survey has grown to become Northern Ireland’s leading environmental benchmarking exercise, attracting organisations from over 14 industry sectors including participants from the top 200 companies and leading public sector organisations such as health trusts, local authorities, education and library boards and universities.

The Survey is a key driver for corporate environmental management and improvement. It is recognised as a positive influencer that is helping organisations throughout Northern Ireland achieve more sustainable ways of doing business.

Why Benchmark?

Benchmarking enables organisations to compare performance and learn from what others are doing. Effective environmental management provides an opportunity for organisations to contribute to a sustainable future whilst making tangible cost savings.

The Survey acts as a catalyst for change and can help your organisation to:

  • Achieve greater transparency
  • Strengthen organisation identity
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Self-assess operational performance
  • Obtain data to support decision-making
  • Set effective targets for improvement
  • Enhance your corporate reputation
  • Measure against and compare with other organisations

Why take part?

A major focus of Business in the Community’s Environmental Sustainability Programme is on the circular economy and the opportunities this presents. This year we are pleased to bring an additional dimension to the Survey by beginning to explore participants’ engagement in the circular economy through a small number of unscored supplementary questions – further information is contained in the guidance notes provides.

How do I take part?

To begin your 2017 Survey submission, click here.

Key dates for the 2017 Survey

Friday 30 June: Survey closes

Thursday 9 November: Survey results launch event at Belfast Harbour Office


2017 George Dawson Award for Environmental Contribution

This award was established in 2008 to pay tribute to the memory of George Dawson, former Director of ARENA Network. George passed away in 2007, following a short illness. He was with Business in the Community for nine years; during that time, he developed the ARENA Network programme into a highly respected and successful driver for corporate environmental improvement in Northern Ireland. Those who knew George and had the opportunity to work with him are all the richer for the experience and greatly miss his contribution, commitment and sense of humour.

The Award

This recognition award is designed to celebrate the significant contribution made by a businessperson to improving the environmental performance of his or her organisation and its impacts upon the environment and wider community. We would like to recognise someone from a corporate background, as opposed to someone who works for an environmental organisation.

For example, someone who:

  • Is seen as an environmental leader/champion, both within and outside of his or her organisation
  • Leads by example/inspires others
  • Raises environmental awareness, both internally and within the wider community
  • Introduced innovative solutions to environmental challenges across the company
  • Significantly decreases the environmental impacts and/or introduces cost savings for the organisation
  • Undertakes environmental actions above and beyond the call of duty
  • Offers support/guidance to other organisations

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Benchmarking Survey – Guidance Video