Seeing is Believing

Business in the Community’s Seeing is Believing initiative was born from a simple but powerful idea – to close the gap between the boardroom and the community.

Seeing is Believing events bring together senior business leaders and other stakeholders, enabling them to gain first-hand insight into pressing social and environmental issues.

Business leaders are given a unique opportunity to meet extraordinary people, collaborate across sectors and learn from their peers. The programme provides a platform to support leaders in developing practical solutions which inspire change; creating a better society and a more sustainable future.

Tackling Poverty – 7 June 2017

The latest Northern Ireland Seeing is Believing visit took place on Wednesday 7 June 2017, visiting three projects. Why?

Poverty is not good for our society or our economy, and it’s certainly not good for business!

Key findings from the Northern Ireland Poverty Bulletin, produced annually by the Department for Communities, shows that the number of adults and children living in Relative and Absolute poverty here decreased in 2015/’16.

Whilst this is good news, the reality is that there are still too many people living in poverty, and almost anyone could find themselves living in poverty. Unexpected events such as bereavement, illness, redundancy or relationship breakdown are sometimes all it can take to push us into circumstances that then become difficult to escape.

Poverty wastes people’s potential, depriving our society and economy of the skills and talents of those who have valuable contributions to make. The legacy for children who are affected is lifelong, damaging their early development, chances of doing well at school, and their career prospects.

The projects visited were:

The CLARE Project

A not-for-profit, community interest company (CIC) set up to try to change the way early intervention and support is offered to vulnerable people in communities.

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The Welcome Organisation

Delivering potentially life-saving support services and interventions to people in Belfast who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Six services are delivered by a team of staff and more than 70 volunteers who engage with 1,400 individuals every year.

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Ballynafeigh Community Development Agency (BCDA)

Based in South Belfast, BCDA’s core aim is to create and deliver social action to tackle disadvantage and to address issues that impact vulnerable individuals and groups.

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