Wellbeing Toolkit

Good work is good for your health.  Investing in your employees wellbeing is vital to developing a successful and sustainable business.

What is it?

Good health and wellbeing means more than the absence of illness, injury, and disease. It means leading a balanced life, developing personal potential, making a meaningful contribution and having a say in workplace decisions.

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Why do it?

Workplaces are viable and positive settings to reach people in a way that can result in direct health benefits for workers and their families, improved performance for organisations and social and economic gains for society as a whole.

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How to do it

Business in the Community’s Wellbeing Toolkit offers a straightforward 6-step approach, which is suitable for any employer wishing to optimise the health and wellbeing of its employees.

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How others do it

This section contains case studies showcasing companies that are already engaging their employees in wellbeing initiatives and doing it well.

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