2022 NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey Trophies

The 2023 Survey trophies were made by David Keys Sustainable Woodworking.

Each trophy took around 10 hours to make and a total of 840 pieces of wood cut, shaped, sanded and assembled.

All of the wood is recycled – made from old drawers, a table, floorboards from an old linen mill, and even lollypop sticks.

The background sections of the Platinum trophies were made from old decking boards, planed down, cut in half, and glued together side by side, producing some beautiful grain and knot patterns.

David told us that the wind turbines were a challenge as they are such delicate pieces of wood and he had to be very accurate with sizes and angles.

The George Dawson and Small Business awards – different from the Platinum trophies – are made from a wind felled elm tree, finished with beeswax and a flaxseed oil polish. Just gorgeous and each one unique!

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