Age at Work Scotland

Case Study 1 | Christine Robinson

I am 52 years old, 53 at the end of this month. I have been out of work for some time and am now looking forward to going back to work, part-time initially.

I haven’t yet joined the Still Ready for Work workshops, as these don’t start until August, but I’ve been coming to Coffee and Job Club for a few weeks. I found the workshops through the job centre. I was given the choice of looking for employment help through different organisations, and as this was for people aged over 55, I thought this may be better targeted to my age group specifically. I’ve been in other job club companies before, but they were quite generalised, sometimes toward younger people. Whereas I’ve found BITC to be tailored towards people over the age of 50. It’s helpful to see people of the same age group.

Before Coffee and Job Club, I had never used Zoom, so this was a big worry for me at this stage. I’ve found it helpful to get set up on Zoom and I’ve found the group to be personalised as there aren’t hundreds of people – the smaller group the better, and this group are really friendly.

I’ve found Coffee and Job Club useful as it has helped me to consider things I would have previously overlooked, such as resilience, motivation, negative thinking, and goal setting. It’s useful to consider your thoughts and whether you’re starting to think negatively about your circumstances, as you don’t always realise you’re doing this until someone else points it out to you. It’s been positive for me to be reminded by others that you can alter negative thoughts.

The Coffee and Job Club sessions have been useful, as it is not targeted toward jobs, jobs, jobs every week. I am already applying for jobs, and its useful to look at wider things during the group sessions as things like motivation, confidence and negative thoughts all play a part in searching for work. It’s important to identify what’s holding you back; potentially your own thoughts, and the sessions have helped me to see the positive future I may have if I return to work. I’ve also found I’ve opened up a lot more during these sessions, and don’t feel I have to hide anything from the group. I’ve started to speak about things I haven’t been speaking about for some time.



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Age at Work is not delivered in England by Business in the Community, but we can support your business to respond to our ageing population and the needs of older workers in other ways. Learn more about Business in the Community’s work on age in England.