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Supporting businesses to be more age inclusive

We are all living for longer, which means — for the majority of us — we will also be working longer.

Coupled with a reducing birth rate, this presents challenges and opportunities for both employers and older people.


Age at Work – a Business in the Community and Age NI partnership project in Northern Ireland – is supporting businesses to be more age inclusive in their approach to retaining, retraining and recruiting older workers; raising awareness of the need for an age-inclusive agenda in government, business and wider society; and supporting mature workers to remain in or return to work.


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"I would highly recommend the Business Review tool to any organisation aiming to gain a better understanding of their current and future age-inclusive practices.  The practical recommendations along with the ongoing support from BITCNI are incredibly valuable in supporting leaders to develop and promote an age-inclusive agenda."

Lynne Savage-Watson | People Business Partner | Belfast Harbour

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