David Daly, Wellbeing Manager, GRAHAM Group | BITC NI

Wellbeing Manager

David was employed in October 2021 by the GRAHAM Group as their inaugural Wellbeing Manager providing support and advice to all Managers and Staff in all things wellbeing, GRAHAM hold the IIP Platinum award for Wellbeing, and continue to promote a positive culture of wellbeing, and continue to be an industry leader across all industries for wellbeing. David has over 12 years’ experience working in various mental health settings, as a forensic addictions caseworker for Start360 in the AD:EPT2 service providing addictions support to offenders and their families whilst in custody and post custody, as Health and Wellbeing Lead at the WAVE Trauma Centres treating those physically, psychologically injured and bereaved as a result of the troubles.

Outside of work David is father to three daughters and is partner to Judith, He loves nothing better than getting his running shoes on, hitting the Gym, and getting his dancing shoes on and enjoying his favourite house music whenever he can.

“At GRAHAM we recognise that promoting and supporting positive wellbeing at work is the key to employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity. It’s clear that when we feel healthy in our mind and body that we thrive both at home and work. At GRAHAM we actively work to support every employee to be their best, including supporting their families, understanding that a happy and healthy workforce is essential in building a successful business.” David Daly, Wellbeing Manager, GRAHAM

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