Eamon Clarke

Employability & Skills Officer with Belfast City Council

Eamon is an Employability & Skills Officer with Belfast City Council. With 10+ years’ experience working within community development and employment support services he has been responsible for the management of several large projects within the third sector along with first-hand experience providing support to those seeking employment on an individual basis.

Eamon works for Belfast City Council on the Belfast Labour Market Partnership and contract manages a range of services including employment academies. As part of his role, he has project managed several large events such as the ‘Building an inclusive labour market’ conference in 2024 and the Belfast Jobs Fair 2023.

Eamon has a keen interest in equality, diversity and inclusion and is passionate about supporting marginalised and underrepresented groups, the deprived and communities in economic need.

Judge in the Skills & Education Award category of the Responsible Business Awards. Find out more at www.bitcni.org.uk/awards.