Karen McCullough, Department of Education

Director of Qualifications, 14-19 and Youth, Department of Education

Karen is the Director of Qualifications, 14-19 Strategy and Youthwork Policy in the Department of Education. She first joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service to work in the Central Survey Unit of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. There she was responsible for a range of large scale surveys conducted on behalf of government departments.

Karen took up a post as the Head of Statistics and Research in the Department of Education (DE) in 2009 and was responsible for the department’s analysis and evidence strategy.

In 2013 Karen moved to take up post as the Head of Standards and Improvement Team in DE. Before taking up her current post Karen was the temporary Director of Curriculum, Qualification and Standards.

Judge in the Education Partnership Award category of the Responsible Business Awards. Find out more at www.bitcni.org.uk/awards.