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As a Ban the Box signatory, we would love you would be part of our new campaign – Who Do You See?











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Post 1:
🔵 Proud to announce that we have taken a significant step towards fair hiring practices by signing up to #BanTheBox. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance to succeed and removing barriers to employment. Find out how you can get involved: @bitcni

Post 2:
We are excited to be part of the Ban the Box campaign! We prioritise inclusive hiring practices by ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity. Join us in creating more equitable workforces! @bitcni #BanTheBox

Post 3:
✅ We are dedicated to creating a level playing field in the hiring process. That’s why we’ve joined the Ban the Box campaign. We believe in evaluating individuals based on their qualifications and skills, not their past. @bitcni #BanTheBox

Post 4:
Join us in supporting the Ban the Box initiative! We stand by our commitment to giving individuals a fair chance at employment. Together, let’s break down barriers and create a more inclusive workforce. @bitcni #BanTheBox

Post 5:
We’re pleased to be among those companies in NI who have signed up to Ban the Box! We believe in second chances and giving everyone the opportunity to thrive. Learn more about our pledge towards fair hiring practices: @bitcni #BanTheBox