“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Peter Druker

Benchmarking enables companies to see how they compare across a range of measures, and where they sit in relation to progress by other organisations.

More and more, companies want to understand how their business performs in comparison to their peers, and ensure they are continuously improving. Business in the Community has developed three key benchmarking initiatives for business:

  • CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business is a framework and accreditation that benchmarks corporate responsibility performance; as well as strategically supporting organisations to continually develop their approach. To date, thirty leading organisations across a range of sectors have achieved CORE.
  • The NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey – now spanning almost 2 decades, this Survey is the key driver of environmental performance and management for business in Northern Ireland. Keeping pace with environmental changes and issues, the Survey pushes companies to measure and report on their environmental credentials.
  • The highly-valued Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland endorse shortlisted and winning companies as being at the top of their game when it comes to responsible business activity. They provide a valuable demonstration of best-practice companies who are going beyond their legal requirements to make a difference to their people, the planet and the places where they operate.
  • Workwell Model – developed by business for business, and based on robust evidence, the Business in the Community Workwell Model demonstrates the benefits of taking a strategic, proactive approach to wellness and engagement and provides practical support to help businesses take action.
  • Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is the largest, most comprehensive and free workplace wellbeing survey in the UK which takes a whole-person approach to physical and mental health, supporting and enabling employers to recognise the benefits of taking a strategic, proactive approach to wellbeing and engagement. By participating in the survey, employers gain a better understanding of the health risks affecting their employees, how these change over time, and their associated health and productivity impact.

What’s Next?

Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey
Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland
Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland
Workwell Model
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