Climate Action Programme | One-to-one Climate Mentoring Sessions

Business in the Community is offering free, one-to-one, climate mentoring sessions for SMEs who have taken part in the CRF Climate Action Programme.

These consultation sessions with an environmental expert will provide the opportunity for SMEs to delve deeper and discuss some of the climate questions or concerns they have that are specific to their organisation, before signing the BITCNI Climate Action Pledge.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our associate consultants, at a date and time of your choosing, by clicking the button below. Please see a short bio of each associate below, to help you to pick the right consultant for your company and its goals.

Emma-Louise Kells

Emma-louise is an Environmental Advisor and manager of the Carbon Literacy Programme. She is responsible for challenging and supporting BITC members to address key environmental issues such as climate change, including identifying areas of need, creating, and managing environmental programmes and providing training, consultancy, resources and advice for member organisations. Emma-louise has completed an Associate Bachelors, a Bachelors Degree with DIAS and a Masters Degree with distinction at Ulster University / Queen’s University Belfast, and is currently completing a climate-focused PhD part time at QUB. Emma-louise brings experience from a wide employment background working across the areas of education, agri-food, retail, tourism, and hospitality, within public, private and charitable sector roles. **We recommend that BITCNI members book with Emma-Louise.

Andrew Wallace

As founder of Valued Business, Andrew enjoys working with organisations to identify how their approach to reducing their carbon emissions can bring real value to their business. Having developed Carbon Reduction Strategies for organisations across a range of sectors, he specialises in embedding Carbon Reduction within systems and governance, as well as maximising the effectiveness of these programmes through creative communications and well thought through measurement.

Ben Craig

Ben Craig is Director of International Synergies NI, working with companies locally and globally to provide practical solutions to de-carbonise their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions prioritising opportunities that also offer cost-saving and innovation potential. He is experienced in working with micro to large scale businesses across sectors as a strategic consultant and has been operationalising sustainable business models since 2011. Key areas of experience include: Responsible Business Strategy, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy, Business Development and Innovation, Sustainable Business Management, Design Thinking and Net Zero Roadmaps.

Gillian McKee

Gillian is an experienced sustainability professional, having worked in the field for 25 years with companies across a range of sectors. Specialised in supporting with sustainability/ESG/net-zero strategy development and planning, Gillian can offer practical tips and tools for companies starting out on their climate journey or trying to understand the pathways available to them. Gillian has extensive experience working within the construction and food sectors and their value chains.

Danielle McCormick

Danielle is a sustainability professional with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering local, national, and European behavioural change and sustainability campaigns. Her areas of expertise include business mentoring and upskilling, sustainability strategy development, green marketing support, and stakeholder mapping and engagement. With a solid background in the industry, Danielle holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science, a CIM level 4 certificate in Integrated Communications; CIM training in behavioural change; a PgCert in International Business and a PgCert in Renewable Energy & Energy Management, both from the University of Ulster. Danielle also established the free All-Ireland Sustainability Professionals Network on LinkedIn in November 2020, which has more than 300 members, and All-Ireland Sustainability events.