Climate Change #BuildBackResponsibly

COVID-19 has highlighted how The Climate Emergency can no longer be ignored. We are committed to working in collaboration with key NI business organisations to challenge and support businesses to reduce carbon and meet their emissions targets.

As governments begin the process of restarting our economies, we have an equally unprecedented opportunity to build back better, in a way that will help us to tackle the climate emergency. The World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded that failure to act on climate is the biggest global risk we face in terms of likelihood and impact. The business case for rapid action is growing all the time. Now is the time to think through how your business can contribute to achieve the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting future warming to 1.5°C and mitigate future impacts to business and society that are potentially just as disruptive as the current pandemic: extreme weather events, changes to environments, limited resource availability, and disrupted operations and supply chains to name a few.

The Climate Action Pledge

Now what? The Climate Action Pledge challenges organisations to commit to addressing the climate crisis. By signing the Pledge and setting and striving to achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, Northern Ireland organisations can demonstrate their commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue. The Pledge and associated Business Action on Climate campaign is led by Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI), in partnership with CBI, IoD, NI Chamber and FSB. Find more information about the Climate Action Pledge and the Business Action on Climate campaign click here.

Five Actions your business can take:

  • Measure and disclose your carbon footprint
  • Define your mitigation strategy
  • Set targets to reduce emissions
  • Engage your employees
  • Switch to renewable energy