Helping people find the right employment opportunity is key for Business in the Community.

With a focus on tackling graduate underemployment and long-term unemployment, we have a range of programmes which benefit both business and those who are unemployed, under-employed or in part-time employment.

Business can make a profound impact on these individuals by providing opportunities to those who most need it.

Opportunities for employers

By helping local people into work, employers have the opportunity to change an individual’s life while reaping the rewards of creating a loyal and productive workforce. Would you like to:

Support for jobseekers

Business in the Community offers a range of programmes to help people find sustainable employment. We seek to help those who are unemployed, underemployed or in part-time employment:

  • Have you been unemployed for a long period of time and have little or no qualifications?
  • Are you a graduate trying to source employment relevant to your degree?
  • Do you require support in developing your employability skills (CV writing, interview skills, essential people skills, etc.)?

Help us tackle unemployment

Can your business help tackle unemployment in Northern Ireland? By simply providing CV writing tips and interview skills advice through to providing a placement opportunity – you can make a huge difference to someone’s life. Talk to our team today, or email