Environment Director, Business in the Community UK

She is a strong advocate for the ability of business leadership to drive positive change for people and planet.

Gudrun leads BITC’s Environment programme focused on ‘smart growth’ – creating prosperity and opportunity through a rapid transition to a resilient, net zero carbon, circular economy that restores the health of water, land and biodiversity in urban and rural areas.  Gudrun is passionate about developing collaborative, cross sector projects that deliver a step change at a system level and has established water and circular economy taskforces to enable this work.  Since joining BITC in 2008 Gudrun has headed up environmental work across England West, working closely with regional and local stakeholders, led a refresh of the ‘Forces for Change’ research and had a focus on innovation and partnerships.  She has an MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Prior to working at BITC she worked in the NHS, manufacturing, logistics and retail, supporting innovation and change to improve quality, productivity and customer experiences.

Gudrun is available to talk about how business can achieve zero carbon, the circular economy and how businesses can work together to be consider thier environmental impact.