Håkan Nordkvist, Global Head of Sustainability Innovation and Board Member at IKEA

Håkan is known for his human-centric and visionary leadership, his capability to formulate bold futuristic goals and ambitions and then breaking it down to concrete innovation initiatives and road maps to build new businesses and solutions for a better future.

Håkan has spent most of he is career with retail giant IKEA. He has been instrumental for IKEA to achieve its People and planet-positive strategy. For the last 11 years, he built and lead sustainability innovation in IKEA Group where he combined sustainability and innovation to build new businesses. He and his team built the IKEA Clean energy service business, now operational in more than 13 countries across the world, one of the biggest clean energy service businesses existing today.

He also spearheaded the food innovation agenda in IKEA around plant-based proteins and new dishes for the IKEA restaurants, urban/vertical farming to locally produce lettuce and herbs for the IKEA customers and food waste initiatives, both pre-consumer and post-consumer solutions.

He also led the circular business agenda in IKEA innovating and developing new business models like Furniture as a service, IKEA second hand, an IKEA take-back and repair scheme and a local production set-up including 3D-printing, collaborative robotics and generative design.

He and his team have been developing new fore sighting methods, creating positive futures combined with new storytelling formats and tools for any organisation to create their own positive future and base for innovating the future.

Håkan was one of the founders and chairman of Launch Nordic, an innovation and collaboration platform created together with NASA, Nike, USAID and Novozymes. He has also served on the board of BoKlok, an affordable housing company building sustainable houses at affordable prices. He has also served on several internal boards and investment committees.