Healthy Working Lives: Wellbeing for a changed world and workplace

Online Conference | 29 October 2020

The conference will take place on Zoom.

9:30 am Welcome

Stephanie Reid, Wellbeing Programme Manager, Business in the Community

9:40 am Introduction and Interactive Poll

Denise Cranston, Head of Wellbeing Programmes, Business in the Community

9:45 am Keynote speakers: Taking a whole person, inclusive approach to wellbeing

Dr Wolfgang Seidl, Head of Health Management Consulting EMEA at Mercer Health & Benefits and Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, Business in the Community

10:30 am Comfort Break

10:45 am Wellbeing Breakout Session – Round one

Each delegate can choose two sessions to attend.

Session 1 – Physical Wellbeing: more than just fitness


Session 2 – Mental Wellbeing: the psychological impact of COVID-19


Session 3 – Social and Emotional Wellbeing: doing good to feel good


Session 4- Financial Wellbeing: money worries and mental health


11:15 am Comfort Break

11:30 am Wellbeing breakout session – Round two

Sessions as above

12:00 pm Overcoming Adversity

Vivian McKinnon, Managing Director, Hydro-Ease

12:20 pm Closing remarks

Denise Cranston, Head of Workplace, Business in the Community

Vivian McKinnon, Managing Director, Hydro-Ease

12:30 pm Event ends