Membership Logo Guidelines | Business in the Community

Guidelines have been designed to help our members and partners maximise their association with Business in the Community.

They should be followed carefully to ensure our brand mark is used correctly. In doing so you will help build our reputation and awareness of our purpose: to put successful, responsible businesses at the heart of strong, healthy communities across Northern Ireland.

Download a copy of the guidelines.

Colour Variants

It is not always possible to apply the logo in full colour. To ensure the logo always looks its best, there are three variants.

1. Full colour

For use on white/light coloured or dark contrasting backgrounds. This logo should be used wherever possible.

Full colour positive: download here Full colour negative: download here

2. Greyscale

There are two greyscale variants available to use when colour printing is not possible.

Greyscale positive: download here Greyscale negative: download here

3. Single colour

The single colour black only version should be used when colour printing is not possible and the greyscale version is not suitable due to the printing process.The white out single colour version logo should be used when the background colour is not suitable for the full colour. Eg. When the colour is similar to one of the logo colours backgrounds.

Single colour black: download here Single colour white: download here

See how other members have used our brand:

If you have any queries, please email Heather Glass.