Link & Learn: Inclusion Awareness

Throughout the year, Business in the Community runs a series of one-hour, bite-sized, topical learning sessions for your employees.

  • Date:

    01 Apr 2020

  • Time:

    Throughout April

  • Location:

    Your employer's premises

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Available throughout the month of April, this session will focus on Inclusion Awareness.

How it works

Click Book Now and, once your booking is confirmed, the facilitator will liaise with you directly to confirm a date that suits your organisation. All you need to do is advertise the session amongst your employees and provide a suitable place for it to take place. (*Link and Learn sessions take place at your business premises)

About this session

This session aims to gather teams together to discuss and celebrate neurodiversity in the workplace.

Dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD and Asperger syndrome are found in workplaces all over the UK and are a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equality Act. It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people (more than 15% of people in the UK) are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently.

It is crucial that people with neurodiverse conditions are supported in the workplace, in order to achieve their full potential. Without recognition and support from both managers and colleagues, neurodiverse conditions can have a serious impact on individuals’ wellbeing, their sense of belonging and their access to development and progression opportunities.

This Link & Learn session will empower staff and management to deliver a more inclusive workplace and give individuals a better understanding of how to communicate effectively with others about their neurodiversity.

What the session covers:

  • Recognising Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Condition at work
  • Transitioning from education to the workplace and the benefits of continuous support
  • Reasonable adjustments that can be made to accommodate different working styles
  • Inclusive strategies for all team members

For more information, contact Deirdre Morrissey at; or call (028) 9046 0606.