Link & Learn: Introduction to Mindfulness

Throughout the year, Business in the Community runs a series of one-hour, bite-sized, topical learning sessions for your employees.

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    07 Jan 2019

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    Your employer's premises

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These sessions are delivered in your workplace by experts in areas of particular interest to your workforce. We allocate a month in the year, and you choose a day and time that suits. Once confirmed, the expert provider will liaise with you directly. All you need to do is advertise the session and provide a suitable place for it to take place.

Introduction to mindfulness with The Mindfulness Centre NI
Ever thought about developing mindfulness? If you worry about the past, fret about the future and struggle to cope with the present it could be your key to a happier, more stress-free life.

This session will explore mindfulness and the practice of bringing your attention fully into the present moment and observing whatever arises with friendly curiosity and without judgment. Being fully present stops the constant whirring of thoughts and anxieties that drive up blood pressure, trigger anxiety, and contribute to a range of stress-related health problems and fractured relationships, all of which can have a negative impact on work and home life.

For more information on this session, contact Shelly Ovadia or call (028) 9046 0606.