Link & Learn: Mindful Leadership

Exclusively for Business in the Community members, we are delighted to offer a new Link and Learn session aimed at giving your employees the tools to look after their health and wellbeing.

  • Date:

    27 Oct 2023

  • Time:

    10:00-11:30 am

  • Location:

    Grant Thornton, 12 - 15 Donegall Square West, Belfast, BT1 6JH

Facilitated by Ambest, this 90-minute session will focus on the importance of Mindful Leadership. 

Every day we are increasingly over-active and consistently face challenges as we live and work. 

How we experience and manage situations is significantly influenced by our state of mind and how we are feeling. Often, we are unaware of ourselves, our thoughts and emotions, our environment, and circumstances. By practicing Mindfulness, you can cultivate a new, enriched way of working and being, one that:

  • Builds greater Focus & Clarity  
  • Develops Emotional Intelligence, Regulation and Resilience  
  • Brings greater Compassion for Self and Others  
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety  
  • Improves both your Physical and Mental wellbeing  

At this 90-minute Mindful Leadership session you will learn:  

  • What is Mindfulness 
  • Attitudinal foundations of Mindfulness 
  • Key attributes of a Mindful Leader and how to cultivate these 
  • Mindfulness meditation practices 

Who should attend

Leaders, executives, managers and anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills through a mindful approach. Whether you lead a small team or a large organisation Mindful Leader training will empower you to be the leader you aspire to be.