RETHINK your Nutrition | Hydration and fluid intake

As part of the RETHINK campaign, you are invited to join a 4-week nutrition kick start webinar series. At these weekly one-hour sessions, we will learn more about why it is so important to implement dietary lifestyle changes in order to protect the only home we have, our bodies, and educating you on the pillars of nutrition, health and wellbeing.

  • Date:

    08 Apr 2021

  • Time:

    12:00 - 1:00 pm

  • Location:

    Online Event

Perfect for anyone who wants to get back on track with their eating habits, this programme can help to support balanced energy levels, weight management and overall health and wellbeing.

Nutrition has always been an important topic to develop an individual’s resilience and, due to the pandemic, people are now more concerned than ever with getting their nutrition right and fuelling themselves with the correct foods to support their health and wellbeing.

As part of this series, you will learn the reasons why it is important to make different dietary and lifestyle changes. You will take part in habit forming tasks, receive everyday tips and tricks and healthy recipes.

The blueprint for the nutritional guidance isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. A nutrition strategy that works for one person is by no means guaranteed to work for the next. It’s for that reason that there needs to be a degree of flexibly so that they can be applied to everyone’s needs, goals and preferences. We have chosen four key nutrition themes individuals should consider when making better nutrition lifestyle choices:

These webinars series are part of Business in the Community’s Rethink Your Resilience programme which supports individuals to become more resilient.

Attendees can join all sessions or sessions of their choice.

4-week Agenda

Week 1 | Hydration and fluid intake

Good hydration is critical for maintaining bodily functions, including the heart, brain and muscles. Water consumption is vital for every living being. The fluids you lose must be replaced to keep your body functioning properly and prevent any health complications. We are going to look further into why hydration is key when it comes to a healthy body!

Week 2 | Reducing Processed Foods & Toxins in our diet

Generally speaking, foods are typically processed in order to:

  • Increase shelf life
  • Improve taste
  • Make them more consistent in shape
  • Make them look more appealing

The above results are great news for food manufacturers but rarely are they great news for us. The act of food processing often diminishes the nutritional value of a food and increases the likelihood of us wanting to consume more and more. We are going to address some of the issues we face when it comes to toxins in our diet in this session.

Week 3 | Replenishing with Wholefoods

Compared to whole food counterparts, most processed foods fall way short when it comes to nutrient density. They tend to be calorie dense and nutrient sparse, a trait common to the overall Western diet nowadays in a broader sense. Certain artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings used in processed foods have been linked with adverse side effects ranging from headaches to cancers. We will look at how we can replenish our bodies with wholefoods in this session.

Week 4 | Lifestyle & Stress Support Tips for Health & Wellbeing

In this session we are going to address how stress causes inflammation in the body – something we want to reduce. Poor diet, overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut, medications are some reasons why inflammation can occur. We are going to dive into how we can reduce inflammation and discuss how we can survive modern lifestyle diets!

Jade Bradley

Jade Bradley is a Nutritional Therapist and the founder of Restore Nutrition. Jade provides nutrition and lifestyle support with a personalised approach for each client by investigating medical history, family history and eating habits. Jade’s goal is to educate people on how important your diet is for good physical, mental and social wellbeing.

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