AES embraces power of nature

Ahead of celebrations to mark ten years of partnership working, AES and Ulster Wildlife are delighted to welcome Helen Carleton as the new Biodiversity Officer for AES’s Ballylumford and Kilroot sites in Mid & East Antrim.

Over the next year, Helen (pictured left) will work closely across both sites to survey and take action for nature on AES landholdings, engage with local communities, and support AES people to integrate biodiversity awareness in their day-to-day roles.

This new and innovative paid internship funded by AES acts as an example of best practice in partnership working.

Lucy Marsden, HSE Officer with AES said, “As a responsible local company, we are keen to encourage biodiversity and show how it has an impact on the world around us. The ‘Internship programme’ is a great way for us to facilitate cross-sectoral partnership working with Ulster Wildlife, whilst also helping bring our commitment to sustainable business principles to life.”

AES has been working with Ulster Wildlife since 2005 to help safeguard wildlife within its holdings following the discovery of a rare bee orchid, as well as supporting the charity’s work as a platinum corporate member.