Antrim Business Installs Life-Saving Defibrillator


Staff at Blackbourne Limited (Antrim-based Mechanical and Electrical Contractor) were delighted to welcome the installation of an Automated Defibrillator Machine at its headquarters.

Every year in Northern Ireland approximately 1,400 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital environment, with the current survival rate at only 7.5%. In 2014 alone, 5,723 deaths were attributed to chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Following an extensive review of on-site first aid facilities, Blackbourne decided that it was in the best interests of its staff members, and the local community to have the machine installed.

Research has clearly demonstrated that using a defibrillator in conjunction with administering CPR can increase the survival rate by 50%, allowing time for first responders/paramedics to arrive on the scene.

Expressing her elation upon receipt of the machine Blackbourne’s HR and Operations Director Marie Hodgson declared: ”As a first aider, I am all too aware of the devices critical role in saving lives. Over the next few months we will be focusing our attention on promoting the machine’s existence to our staff and neighbouring community at Springfarm. A programme of suitable training will be rolled out for first aiders and will be accompanied by a series of educational campaigns to all members of staff, ensuring they understand the benefits and functions of this life saving equipment.”

Carol Burrows, representing St John’s Ambulance, said she was delighted that the organisation was able to assist Blackbourne with the sourcing of the AED and endorsed the company’s decision to invest in training, saying: “Although most AED’s can be used by an emergency first aider or lay person with minimum training, we do recommend attendance at an appropriate training course.”

Sinead Magill, Senior Corporate Fundraising Executive from Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke, echoed these comments, stressing the device’s significance; “Through our work we often meet people who have benefitted from community based defibrillators, but also sadly we meet families who have lost a loved one. Defibrillators save lives, so we are delighted that this equipment has been installed at Blackbourne.”

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