Business in the Community – helping others become great employers too

For an organisation whose core purpose is to support companies to be responsible towards their People, the Planet and the Places where they operate, one might reasonably expect Business in the Community to be a good employer. It’s important to ‘walk the talk’ when you’re encouraging others to embrace the principles of ‘good business’.

Nevertheless, it’s not a given that when you put forward to be judged you’ll be found to be among the best, so winning the Best Place to Work Award for the second time in 2016 was really encouraging for Business in the Community.

It was particularly timely as the organisation went through a difficult period in 2015 due to challenges with government funding and had to make a few redundancies. It managed the process in a sensitive, open and transparent manner however and employee feedback was positive.

For Operations Director Patricia O’Rourke, winning the Irish News Best Place to Work Award for small companies means a great deal. She said “People that work at Business in the Community have a passion and a strong set of values that sets them apart. We work hard to harness that passion and to invest considerable time and resources in creating a unique and rewarding place to work. It is challenging to do this in the not-for-profit sector where resources are always tight, so this Award is a valuable recognition of our efforts and it’s testament to the whole team at Business in the Community that we’ve come out on top again in 2016.”

As Business in the Community plans its third Responsible Business Summit on 5 October in Belfast, Deputy Managing Director Gillian McKee feels the Award adds further credibility to the challenge it puts out to other businesses. She said “Our focus at ‘Tomorrow’s World’ is on helping companies explore the challenges and opportunities offered by our ever-changing world and respond in a responsible and sustainable manner. An engaged workforce is absolutely key to any organisation and we’ll be looking at how the workplace and employee expectations are changing and what employers need to do to embrace those changes and succeed in the future. We want to share our success and help other companies become great employers and the Summit and this Award will help us do that.”


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