Deep RiverRock launches its first 100% recycled bottle

Proud Northern Irish water brand, Deep RiverRock announced today that every bottle within its PET portfolio will be made from 100% recycled PET plastic[1] from June 2019.


  • From June, Deep RiverRock will introduce its first 100% recycled PET bottle range, across its full PET portfolio.
  • Following a £3.25million investment in sustainability initiatives and PET facilities, Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland has championed innovation at its state-of-the-art Lisburn Plant to support this industry-leading move.
  • Marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to design more sustainable packaging and encourage greater recycling, Deep RiverRock will also ‘recycle’ its logo with an impactful ‘100% Recycled Bottle’ message front-of-pack.

Proud Northern Irish water brand, Deep RiverRock announced today that every bottle within its PET portfolio will be made from 100% recycled PET plastic[1] from June 2019. The move sees Deep RiverRock become the first major water brand distributing across the island of Ireland to produce a 100% recycled bottle.

As all Deep RiverRock bottles are already 100% recyclable, this new development truly supports the brand’s commitment to protecting the environment and to play a value-adding role in communities.

Deep RiverRock’s investment in recycled PET supports a circular economy, keeping resources in use for as long as possible. Recycled PET bottles are also one of the lowest carbon-dense packaging types to produce within the beverage sector.

When recycled correctly, PET bottles can, and should, have a longer life span and Deep RiverRock is committed to encouraging consumers to recycle all PET bottles. In a bold statement, Deep RiverRock will ‘recycle’ its logo on all bottles with an impactful ‘100% Recycled Bottle’ message front-of-pack. The move aims to inspire more responsible disposal of waste and greater recycling among consumers. It is supported by recycling messages which have already been integrated on the bottle cap and across its TV advertising.

Deep RiverRock’s parent company Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland has been widely recognised for its leadership in sustainability and has recently fulfilled a Prosperity Agreement with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. The Agreement recognised Coca-Cola HBC for its achievements in reducing environmental impacts while creating prosperity and well-being opportunities in the region.

Welcoming the announcement, Northern Ireland Environment Agency CEO, David Small said: “I’m delighted to welcome this landmark development from Deep RiverRock and Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“We have successfully partnered with Coca-Cola HBC from 2016 through a Prosperity Agreement, which has resulted in extensive carbon, energy and waste reductions throughout the company’s supply chain throughout this period.

“This latest investment in recycled PET further supports a circular economy and it’s examples of innovation like this from Deep RiverRock that put Northern Ireland on a sustainable path which is essential if we are to achieve our ambition of becoming a leader in this area and helping create a living, working, active landscape valued by everyone.”

This milestone announcement from Deep RiverRock is part of parent company Coca-Cola HBC’s commitment to create a World Without Waste. World Without Waste is Coca-Cola’s global strategy that sets out a vision to design more sustainable packaging, to collect and recycle the equivalent of every can or bottle they sell by 2030, and to partner with NGOs, customers and stakeholders to help clean up the planet.

The strategy has been supported with a £3.25million investment in Coca-Cola HBC’ Knockmore Hill plant in Lisburn, Co. Antrim to facilitate sustainability initiatives, including the establishment of recycled PET facilities and light-weighting capabilities.

Mark Haughey, Plant Manager, Coca-Cola HBC’s Knockmore Hill facility in Lisburn said: “We’re very proud to introduce Deep RiverRock’s first ever 100% recycled bottle range from our plant in Lisburn. At Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland all of our products are already 100% recyclable but we have been working tirelessly to make our packaging more sustainable, and to encourage actions that inspire recycling and the responsible disposal of waste.

“This change across our Deep RiverRock PET portfolio highlights this commitment to taking meaningful action throughout the business and is just one of a number of actions we are taking as part of our commitment to creating a world without waste.”

Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland wider sustainability work includes its 15-year long investment in the Clean Coasts programme, inspiring and supporting volunteers to keep our coastline litter-free. It has also consistently reduced its water, waste, and energy use within its supply chain, and has been recognised for leadership in sustainability at home and abroad.

[1] Excluding cap and label