Digital Innovation Helps NI companies to Thrive at CSR

Companies in Northern Ireland are great at engaging with local communities through donations, support in the form of products, time, or volunteering. What they sometimes struggle with is gathering data and getting feedback about the difference their support has made. Business in the Community has agreed a partnership with a new Northern Irish digital tech company called Thrive CSR that will help companies overcome that problem.

Through a simple, customisable digital portal companies can now manage, track and report on their community donations, grants and volunteering activity all in one place. The newly developed platform also allows community recipients to provide real-time feedback on the impact community support has had, by collecting statistics, stories and images via Thrive’s innovative mobile app. Companies can centralise all information and at the touch of a button provide data to help with future decision-making. In this way, companies using the technology can really start to refine the support they provide to local communities and ensure they are focussed on addressing the issues and areas where they can make the biggest difference.

Deputy Managing Director at Business in the Community Gillian McKee said: “This new innovation is really helping companies get better at directing their support for local communities to where it can have the greatest benefit. It is also hugely decreasing the admin time companies spend on managing this aspect of their CSR, with a decrease of up to 80% being reported in some cases. This is a clear win win for all involved and helps ensure that this vital aspect of being a responsible company is managed with the same rigour as other parts of the business.”

Thrive CSR CEO Neil Macdonald said: “The partnership with Business in the Community means that we can advise companies not only on how using our technology can cut costs and increase community engagement, but we can now bring solid expertise in the CSR agenda via Business in the Community to ensure companies are following best practice in their engagement with communities and maximizing the results they get from using our software.”

To find out more, contact Gillian McKee at Business in the Community on (028) 9046 0606.