firmus staff reach out to support vulnerable customers

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, firmus energy has used its firmus care service to reach out to more vulnerable customers who may need special support.

The firmus care scheme maintains an active register of customers who are older, registered disabled or are chronically ill. Staff are contacting those registered on the scheme, either by phone or letter, to see if firmus can do anything to help them while they stay at home.

firmus staff are supporting customers to find help collecting groceries, prescriptions, and offering reassurance and shared stories to help keep isolation at bay.

Michelle Coleman (pictured right) is one of firmus’ energy advisors involved in the scheme, “I’ve enjoyed getting to speak with customers and hear about their life experience. Social distancing can be a lonely time for all of us, but for those who have been told they need to stay home for three months, or who don’t have access to video calls and social media, they can feel completely cut off from the rest of the world.”

Speaking about firmus energy’s dedicated care team, Director Paul Stanfield said, “The firmus energy care service isn’t a new thing. The company has been supporting vulnerable customers since 2006. As part of our response to COVID-19 staff have been proactively reaching out to customers on our vulnerable list, who will most likely be shielding themselves and their family members at home.

“Customer care staff have also been given more freedom to have a longer chat, to be a listening ear, and help signpost them to other support services where necessary.”

firmus energy has stopped all non-essential engineering works, but staff continue to work around the clock to ensure the gas continues to flow to homes and businesses throughout its Ten Towns network.

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