Jobseekers attend ‘master-class’ to boost their job readiness

Over 80 jobseekers attended a jobs master-class at Belfast City Hall to better their chances of securing sustainable employment

Over 80 jobseekers attended a jobs ‘master-class’ at Belfast City Hall on Wednesday 19 October, organised by the Citywide Employers’ Forum, to find out more about modern recruitment and selection processes to help bolster their chances of finding sustainable employment.

The Citywide Employers’ Forum is an employability initiative delivered by Business in the Community. It brings together employers from across the Greater Belfast area, to support jobseekers and the long-term unemployed build the skills and confidence they need to secure meaningful employment.

Run by Business in the Community, the event featured leading businesses including Belfast City Council, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Convergys, Firstsource Solutions, Praxis Care and The Mount Charles Group.

Citywide Employers’ Forum Director, Deirdre Timoney explains: “We are pleased that so many attended our jobs ‘master-class’ at Belfast City Hall. Searching for work can be daunting, particularly for those that are long-term unemployed. This event was designed to give jobseekers and the long-term unemployed the opportunity to speak directly to a number of leading employers and find out more about their recruitment and selection processes and upcoming job opportunities.”

Employers were on hand throughout the event to provide practical advice to delegates, covering everything from how to apply online, to explaining what is involved in an aptitude test or why they use methods such as situational judgement tests.

Deirdre continued: “In today’s digital world, employers are using ever-more sophisticated methods of recruitment and selection which many people, particularly the long-term unemployed are nervous about. It can be a real a barrier to finding sustainable employment so the aim of this event was to give applicants the opportunity to find out more about what they might expect during the recruitment process, and importantly, why employers use such methods to help match the right people with the right jobs.

“We are very grateful to the companies that helped make this event possible including our sponsors Bombardier Belfast and Lagan Construction Group, and Belfast City Council who kindly provided the venue,” added Deirdre.

The Citywide Employers’ Forum is designed to help people in some of the most deprived areas of Greater Belfast find work and start changing their lives for good. It works alongside community employability bodies to develop business-led initiatives which aim to help those who are unemployed develop new skills and cross the bridge to the world of employment and economic independence.

If your business would like to get involved in the Citywide Employers’ Forum, please email or call (028) 9046 0606.