National Museums Northern Ireland wins 2015 VQ Award

Business in the Community member organisation, National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI) has won the Northern Ireland VQ Employer of the Year 2015.

Department for Employment and Learning Permanent Secretary, Derek Baker said: “VQ Day provides an opportunity for all those involved in the achievement, development and delivery of vocational qualifications to celebrate the importance of vocational education and training. These awards recognise the outstanding achievement of vocational learners in Northern Ireland and highlight the vital role vocational qualifications play in ensuring that employers have access to personnel who have developed the right skills. Equipping people with the skills they need is at the very heart of delivering a prosperous future for individuals, businesses and the Northern Ireland economy.

He added: “The VQ Employer of the Year, National Museums Northern Ireland, takes vocational qualifications so seriously it decided to become a recognised centre in its own right and now delivers a range of qualifications in Cultural Heritage and Management. To support this it also provides assessor qualifications. National Museums Northern Ireland has delivered qualifications ranging from level 2 to level 5 to 16% of its current staff and has seen VQs boost performance and encourage staff to be more mobile and prepared to work in other roles. Of the 67 staff who received qualifications, 2 are working on external secondments and 11 have been successful in achieving new roles within the company. VQs are now well and truly established in the culture of National Museums Northern Ireland.

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