NIE Networks with the Community


At NIE Networks we own the network that delivers electricity to everyone in Northern Ireland. We work 24/7, 365 days a year to provide power to homes, hospitals and businesses across the country.

Our vision is to be recognised as an organisation that makes a positive contribution to the local community.  RBWprop

We value our people and continually strive to best utilise their skills and expertise to allow them to develop to their full potential. Training courses and on job training are used alongside other initiatives to develop our people. NIE Networks on Board scheme in conjunction with Business in the Community is one of our more innovative initiatives. This scheme encourages employees to offer their skills and expertise to a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation by joining at board level and using their business know-how in a new and different setting. We commit an annual 2,000 hours of employee time to Business on Board and other voluntary projects such as Building on Talent and PLACE which use defined community projects as a means for employees to gain professional qualifications and to promote and value regeneration through volunteering.

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