Responsible business charity new Chair voices congratulations and concerns

Northern Ireland’s Responsible Business Network new Chair, Moya Johnston, congratulates responsible businesses on their significant achievements and challenges government to break the stalemate

Moya Johnston, Vice President OEMs, Survitec Group has been appointed as Chair of one of Northern Ireland’s leading business organisations – Business in the Community – the Responsible Business Network.

Speaking at her inaugural event as the organisation’s first woman Chair, Moya’s congratulated companies who’d entered this year’s Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland and outlined her drive for taking on the role of Chair, saying: “I am passionate about building a positive future for the generations coming behind us and I’m a firm believer that education plays a vital part in doing just that. In particular, I am interested in STEM careers and believe we, as a business community, have it in our gift to inspire and every child irrespective of their class, creed or colour to achieve their full potential, to be the engineers, mathematicians, technicians and leaders of the future.”

More than 470 guests attended this year’s Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland, with 10 companies going home with a coveted trophy, and a further ten companies receiving their CORE, The Standard for Responsible Business, accreditations.

Commenting on the political situation, Brexit and the border, she added: “This is a period in Northern Ireland’s history where business uncertainty has never been greater. As leaders, without a stable devolved government here, and with absolutely no clarity on what’s going to happen with the border, it is extremely difficult to make solid strategic decisions on how we position our businesses. For business, operating in ‘limbo land’ is uncomfortable, unproductive, and unprofitable.”

Moya endorsed the work businesses in Northern Ireland are doing to compensate for the serious lack of leadership, telling guest that business is effectively ‘plugging the gap’, she encouraged all attending to continue to do their part in making Northern Ireland the best place in which to live, work and do business.