Responsible Business Week (23 – 27 April): Celebrating the ‘brighter’ side of business

BUSINESS in the Community is encouraging businesses across Northern Ireland to share their ‘good’ business stories during Responsible Business Week (#RBweek) which will take place from 23-27 April 2018.

Share your ‘good’ business stories during Responsible Business Week 23-27 April

Responsible Business Week (or #RBweek as it is affectionately known), is an annual awareness week organised by Business in the Community and supported by SPAR in Northern Ireland. This year’s theme – Place by Place – will shine a spotlight on organisations that are working to make a difference by inspiring pride, protecting resources, and engaging people in the places where they live and work.

Kieran Harding, Managing Director, Business in the Community NI explains: “It has never been more important for businesses to step up and help solve some of the most pressing challenges we face.

“Every business has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to make a difference in the communities where they operate. This Responsible Business Week, we will be celebrating those organisations that are already doing great things in their communities, and encouraging more businesses to get involved and explore what they could be doing to help shape a better future.”

Mr Harding continued: “Now in its fourth year, #RBweek has grown from strength-to-strength and it is the ideal platform for businesses to shout about the great things they’ve been doing, and raise awareness of the responsible business agenda.”

Bronagh Luke, Head of Corporate Marketing at the Henderson Group, owners of the SPAR franchise, explains why SPAR is supporting Responsible Business Week for the fourth year in Northern Ireland: “As a locally-grown business, we take corporate responsibility very seriously. With outlets in communities throughout Northern Ireland, we strive to make a difference in each of the places where we operate, from installing community defibrillators, to encouraging our employees to volunteer with charities – we truly believe that business has the potential to make a real difference in society.

“We are very proud to lead the charge for #RBweek once again this year. Many businesses are doing great things 365 days a year, and we look forward to being inspired by the good business stories that will be shared during #RBweek.”

To find out more about Responsible Business Week, visit or search for the hashtag #RBweek on twitter to join the conversation.