Right people, right skills, right work brings cultural change in Allstate

On 25 June, Allstate Northern Ireland played host to the Association for Project Management (APM) Northern Ireland Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015 in their Belfast headquarters.

Both organizations were breaking new ground as this was the first time an APM NI Branch AGM has been held in a corporate member’s location.

Following AGM business, delegates heard from Allstate NI Project Management Office (PMO) leaders on how their global PMO has undergone an organizational transformation, as well as the journey which led to the 2014 APM Awards finals in London.

By focusing on having the right people with the right skills on the right work, the Allstate technology PMO has experienced a cultural shift which has seen project managers move from project journalists (recording events) to entrepreneurs (influencing outcomes). The PMO is realizing tangible benefits reflected in a more efficient operating model.

In talking about what lessons they had learned from the awards process and achieving runner up in the 2014 Project Management Company of the Year award, the PMO leaders emphasised the importance of building the right team, telling a compelling story, reflecting on and recognizing your achievements, and continuing to learn from and sharing your experiences.

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