There are many benefits from an age diverse and inclusive workplace. By developing an effective age inclusive action plan, tied in with an overall health and wellbeing strategy, your business will increase its retention due to staff being satisfied with their working environment and work-life balance and enabling them to be fit and healthy enough to carryout their duties.

Looking after a workforce’s financial wellbeing, health and wellbeing and work-life balance will result in a more satisfied and rewarded worker and a more productive workforce. A reduction in staff turnover can create stability in the workforce and is more cost effective than recruiting and retraining new staff. Being an age friendly employer will assist in positive public branding as an employer of choice.

We encourage businesses to use this tool to assess how age friendly their business is in relation to supporting older workers and to develop age inclusive action plans and to avail of the range of tools and services provided as part of the Age at Work project. Some of these services can be found at

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