Our Circular Economy Networks allow members to exchange knowledge and experience, and work with others across sectors to identify opportunities for adopting circular approaches.

Circular Economy Members’ Network

The Circular Economy Network is a group of representatives from Business in the Community member organisations who want to find out more about how the principles of the circular economy can be applied to their organisations, hear about case studies, get involved in advocacy work to show support and promote the circular economy, and to inform Business in the Community’s circular economy work.

Circular Office Network

Companies from all sectors – from construction to FMCG product manufacturers – are experimenting with and exploring the opportunities presented by more ‘circular’ thinking. This thinking seeks to retain the value of materials by keeping them in circulation for as long as possible, and eliminating waste in a way that makes economic sense and contributes to the long-term sustainability of their business.

An estimated £474 million of annual economic opportunities have been identified for Northern Ireland from implementing circular economy approaches*, as well as there being the potential to create an additional 13,000 jobs**.

The Circular Economy is broad and it can be difficult to know where to start.

The vast majority of businesses have office premises – so it’s the ideal place to start making a difference. By experimenting with new ideas, and engaging employees the office can serve as a real catalyst for change.

With this in mind, Business in the Community has launched a national ‘Circular Office’ campaign to enable like-minded businesses to come together to explore opportunities, learn and share and try out new ideas towards greater circularity in their offices.

In Northern Ireland, we are launching a Circular Office Network which is designed to specifically suit local businesses. The Circular Office Network will be linked to the national campaign, and members will have the opportunity to share best practice and learn from some of the UK’s leading organisations.

Polymers Network

At the beginning of 2017, Business in the Community Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Polymers Association formed a cross-sector network of organisations from industry, as well as WRAP Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council, committed to exploring the opportunities the circular economy presents for the polymers sector. This network focusses on the issue of opportunities to improve the coherence of approaches to a circular economy for food and drink packaging in Northern Ireland. We have identified, and are working on, a number of exciting opportunities to improve the coherence of approaches to a circular economy for polymers at a local level in Northern Ireland.

To find out more about the Circular Economy Networks contact: Keelin McCone