While the employer is primarily responsible for providing an environment to support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, employees also have a duty of care for their own health and wellbeing.

Our e-learning, in partnership with Legal Island, provides employers and staff with the digital tools to better support staff wellbeing.

This suite of seven e-learning courses has been designed for self-guided, all-staff learning and address key areas of employee health and wellbeing.

FREE E-LEARNING MODULE: Exclusive offer for individuals and employees over 50

We are delighted to offer our Employee Health and Wellbeing e-Learning to individuals and employees aged 50+ at no cost, as part of our Age at Work programme.

If you are in individual and would like to avail of this offer, please complete the form here.

If you would like to request free e-learning for employees over 50 in your organisation, please email eamon.clarke@bitcni.org.uk. As there are a limited number of free courses available, we may have to restrict the number of staff per organisation depending on uptake.

E-learning course details

Each course will take no longer than 60 minutes to complete, including an assessment, and each member of staff will receive their own personalised certificate upon successful completion. Your organisation has the option to choose one or more courses, depending on need.

E-learning courses are available in the following topics:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Fatigue
  • Suicide awareness
  • Menopause
  • Musculoskeletal Health
  • Managing stress
  • Building resilience


For more information or to request a quote, please contact eamon.clarke@bitcni.org.uk.