The 2019 Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey is now open for entries!

The NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey is open to all organisations in Northern Ireland, but your organisation must be registered to participate.

If you would like to register to take part, please visit our Event Portal to Register.

Since 1998, the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey has pushed the environmental agenda to the fore, assessing the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within the corporate strategies and operations of local organisations.

The Survey benchmarks organisations against both their sector peers and against leading Northern Ireland organisations based on their environmental management and performance in key areas. It is a free and voluntary exercise that helps organisations identify environmental impacts, measure progress, drive improvement, and raise awareness of the environment as an important, strategic and competitive issue at board level.

The Survey has grown to become Northern Ireland’s leading environmental benchmarking exercise, attracting organisations from numerous industry sectors. It is recognised as a positive influencer that is helping organisations throughout Northern Ireland to achieve more sustainable ways of doing business.

The Survey Process

The Survey is open to all organisations in Northern Ireland, but you must be registered to participate.  Once registered, you’ll receive a unique link/token to complete the Survey.  The Survey is an online self-disclosure exercise.  Participant data is treated in the strictest confidence and only shared with Carnstone, our Survey verification partner.

Carnstone conducts verification in two stages: first, it analyses the raw data from the Survey, looking for inconsistencies, significant changes in organisations’ responses year-on-year, and missing data. Secondly, Carnstone and BITCNI take (approximately) a 10% sample of organisations to be verified in person.

NEW Small Business Survey

Does your organisation employ fewer than 25 people?  If so, you are eligible to participate in our new Small Business Environmental Benchmarking Survey.

Through this Survey, small businesses have the opportunity to demonstrate their environmental credentials alongside the major players in Northern Ireland.

If you would like to register to take part, please click here.

Already involved? Why not ‘Bring a Business’? BONUS MARKS AVAILABLE!

The Bring a Business initiative asks Survey participants to encourage one of their key suppliers or contractors to take part in the NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey, in an effort to challenge participants to work with their supply chains to improve their environmental impacts.

Organisations who ‘Bring a Business’ will gain extra marks in their own submission.  This year, we’re also awarding Survey participants for helping their ‘Bring a Business’ complete the Survey and mentoring that business:

  • 1 bonus mark – Introducing another business to the Survey
  • 2 bonus marks – For helping the business to complete the 2019 Survey
  • 3 bonus marks – For having an ongoing mentoring relationship with this business to help them to improve their environmental management and performance

Please email Keelin McCone with the organisation’s name and contact details by 31 May.

Key Dates for the 2019 Survey

  • Tuesday 30 April – 2019 Survey opens for entries
  • Thursday 16 May – Survey webinar (Click here to view the webcast)
  • Friday 21 June – Survey closes
  • Tuesday 26 November – Survey results launch at Belfast Harbour

Main Changes for the 2019 Survey

Each year, Business in the Community undertakes a review of the Survey, in order to make any necessary improvements to the process.  Periodically, the opportunity is sought to introduce new elements to the Survey, aimed at maintaining the Survey’s validity and level of challenge to participants.  This year, through consultation with some of our main stakeholders, the following changes have been implemented:

  • New Survey website
  • Introduction of the Small Business Survey for organisations with fewer than 25 employees (see details above)
  • Changes to the bonus ‘Bring a Business’ question (see details above)
  • Introduction of two new unscored questions, one on the Sustainable Development Goals and the other on Business Continuity Planning
  • Section 3: Environmental Performance and Improvement has been restructured under the following headings:
    • Climate Change – Energy; Transport
    • Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency – Waste produced; Waste diverted from landfill; Water use
    • Additional Impact
  • New question on calculating the carbon footprint of your organisation

How Organisations are Scored

Organisations taking part are ranked Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Green. The higher the overall score, the higher the organisation will rank. There is no limit on the number of organisations that can fall into any one ‘band’.  All participants receive a certificate and can use Survey branding on their company’s materials.  Participants completing the Small Business Survey can achieve a top level of Bronze, and there will be a new award for the top-performing Small Business.

Participants’ bands:

  • Platinum (>90%)
  • Gold (80-89%)
  • Silver (60-79%)
  • Bronze (40-59%)
  • Green (<40%)

Survey Webcast

This webcast provides an overview of the 2019 NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey.

2019 Survey Resources:

For more information on both the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey and the Small Business Environmental Benchmarking Survey, email Keelin McCone or call (028) 9046 0606.

For more information about the 2018 Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey, click here