What is Responsible Business in Action?

Responsible Business in Action is a digital responsible business awareness campaign running from Monday 29 April to Sunday 12 May 2019. Register here for the Responsible Business in Action Champions Breakfast.

The campaign is kindly supported by Spar.

What is the aim of Responsible Business in Action?

With your help we aim to inspire business to prioritise corporate responsibility, making Northern Ireland a better place to work and live.

In 2019 Business in the Community Northern Ireland celebrates 30 years working with businesses to drive corporate responsibility action in Northern Ireland. We are proud of the achievements of our members and believe that by coming together as a shared voice through the Responsible Business in Action campaign we will be able to shout louder about how businesses are making a
positive impact on their staff, society and the environment.

How can you get involved?

Through this campaign we are encouraging businesses and the wider community to engage in online conversation about the positive impact of taking responsible business action that goes beyond profit. Action for the benefit of the staff, environment and community.

The campaign can be used as an opportunity to share what you are proud of and say thank you to those who have made a helped your organisations corporate responsibility journey. Voluntary organisations can take the opportunity to share how corporate responsibility has benefited their work.

We’re asking you to use your digital channels – email, website and social media – to get social and share your business responsibility impact stories, learnings and successes to inspire others.

Download our Responsible Business in Action toolkit for some hints, tips and examples of what to share.

Along with our own Responsible Business in Action content, we’ll be sharing some of yours – so please tag Business in the Community NI in your posts and include the #ResponsibleBusinessInAction hashtag.

We want to amplify your message, help you reach a wider audience, inspire others to get involved in the campaign and take responsible business action.

For information on how Business in the Community can help your organisation take responsible action, please contact Sarah Baird at sarah.baird@bitcni.org.uk or call (028) 9046 0606.

Downloads available:


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For further information on the Responsible Business in Action campaign contact Suzi McIlwain, Communications Manager, at suzi.mcilwain@bitcni.org.uk or call (028) 9046 0606.