Many small businesses already act in a responsible manner. Some call it ‘doing the right thing’, for others it’s just something in their DNA. From supporting local sporting teams to making charity donations, small businesses are at the heart of their local communities. This new network, officially launched at the end of September 2017, is designed to help small businesses become part of the responsible business movement and experience the business benefits this brings.

Danske Bank has agreed to sponsor the network for the next two years. It has already positioned itself as a bank that seeks to support small businesses through its BizHub. Danske’s support of this programme will provide small businesses with access to events, resources and programmes that will allow SMEs to embed responsibility firmly within their business.

The benefits

  • Peer learning
  • Expert advice from leading businesses
  • Access to a range of cutting-edge resources, case studies and toolkits
  • Challenged to use your business as a force for good
  • Position your business as a good supply chain partner for larger organisations
  • Consolidate and promote the good work your business is already doing
  • Opportunities for positive profile

The annual cost of membership is £500.


What’s next?

We’ll be getting a number of resources ready for small businesses, including an action plan template to help you develop a baseline of your activities so far, and suggestions of what you can do next. To join the network, we’ll ask you to commit to three firm, but achievable goals, bespoke for your business.


To get involved, please email Sarah Baird, or call (028) 9046 0606.