The 100 Day Challenge, in partnership with Support to Perform, is a goal-oriented, whole-organisation, physical challenge that motivates staff of every level of fitness and ability to keep active throughout this difficult period, and gets them into the habit of making choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Download The 100 Day Challenge brochure here.

The 100 Day Challenge began on 1 June and will end on 8 September 2020, but your organisation or individual employees are able to join the challenge at a later stage and complete the whole 100 days, or join for a shorter period of 75, 50 or 25 days. Details on the cost structure of these options are outlined below.

Organisations that register over 500 participants have the option to start their own bespoke 100 Day Challenge on a date of their choice.

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Unlike traditional workplace challenges that focus on counting steps, The 100 Day Challenge encourages staff to get moving by logging between 10 and 60 minutes of physical activity per day on their smartphone, to earn points as an individual or as part of a team.

Recommended activities can be completed both indoors and outdoors and participants benefit from online resources, hints and tip, and  fun weekly challenges with rewards.

In a time when staff are likely to be facing mental and physical challenges associated to the Covid-19 crisis, The 100 Day Challenge is a great way for employers to take action to support employee wellbeing; improve staff mental, physical and social health; and foster a sense of community amongst staff that are working remotely.


  • Higher staff retention rate and lower absenteeism
  • Positive impact on staff engagement
  • Encourages teamwork and communication
  • Builds staff morale
  • Positive impact on employees’ wider families


The cost of The 100 Day Challenge has been reduced to reflect the current economic situation. Standard rates will apply from September 2020.

The 100 Day Challenge is open to both Business in the Community members and non-members. The cost for member organisations is at £20 per person, and non-members is £30 per person. Organisations can choose to pay the total cost per individual or  a proportion of the cost, to be ‘topped up’ by the participant.

Organisations with over 250 participating employees will receive further discount.

Join between days 1-25 £20+VAT per person (1 June – 25 June 2020)
Join between days 26-50 £17.50+VAT (26 June – 20 July 2020)
Join between days 51-75 £15+VAT (21 July – 14 August 2020)
Join between days 76-100 £10+VAT (15 – 8 September 2020)

If you think your organisation may be interested or you would like to discuss the cost for your organisation, please contact us via the form below or register directly on the Support To Perform website.



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To talk to a member of staff about The 100 Day Challange, please email stephanie.reid@bitcni.org.uk with:

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  • Your job title

Alternatively, you can register directly on the Support To Perform website.

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