Join more than 100 companies in Northern Ireland who have already committed to working Towards Zero Waste. This is often the first step on the circular economy journey.

‘Towards Zero Waste’ is a mind-set that seeks to improve the efficiency of your organisation and simultaneously reduce your environmental impacts. Depending on your where your organisation is on its journey, this could be as simple as introducing a recycling programme to your organisation, to more complex actions such as developing an Environment Management System (EMS), or implementing a circular economy approach.

By moving away from the traditional ‘produce → use → dispose’ way of operating towards a more ‘circular’ approach to resource management, a company can make significant cost savings and contribute to the wider economy.

Pledge your support

By pledging your organisation’s ambition ‘towards zero waste’, you will gain access to Business in the Community’s Circular Economy Hub. The Hub is regularly updated with resources designed to help your organisation identify ways to improve its resource efficiency. We will also recognise your commitment on our website.

To find out more, or to make the pledge, please email Ian Nuttall